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Killingsworth has been meeting the greater Charlotte area’s pest control needs since 1993. No matter what season, some level of pest service is needed. Our pest management packages will keep your home or building protected year-round.

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Local knowledge is extremely important when it comes to the proper pest control. In North Carolina, we experience many different common springtime and summertime pest problems. Due to the warm weather all year round, the fall and winter timeframes it can also create a need for pest control services.

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Our staff receives regular updates on the best Pest Control Treatment options available, and our technicians are consistently given new products to improve our already proven pest treatment measures. Our integrated pest management is environmentally friendly.

Top Pest Control Concerns

You can rely on Killingsworth to eradicate and alleviate any pest concerns you may have.

  • Pests in the home
  • Stinging, biting & pinching
  • Irritating swarm season
  • Ant mounds in yard
  • Damage to shrubs & trees

Ensuring a Safe Pest-Free Home

When you are looking for pest services you want the job done 100%. A big part of this process is not just eliminating your current pests, but also tracking down the nest. We make sure to treat inside and outside of the home.

We apply a barrier that provides exceptional and reliable insect control including the entire home, the garage, and the crawl space. We also perform a quarter acre yard spray on the initial visit and offer retreatments throughout the year, at no additional charge.

While providing pest control services, we want to be sure we care for your children and pets as well. We ask for at least an hour dry time after the treatment before you bring children and pets back into the area. We use the most environmentally safe chemicals on the market, but pets are curious, and small children are more easily affected by changes around them.

So You Think You Have Pests?

Identification, Prevention, and Treatment of Pest Invasion

Download our free pest guide for information and guidance to eliminate your biggest pest problems!

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Killingsworth Environmental will diagnose your pest control and insect problems and choose the most effective means of treatment for your home.

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“Technicians are always friendly and courteous. I am petrified of bugs and they always go above and beyond. Always happy with their service!!”

Tina T.