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At Killingsworth Environmental, we proudly offer electrical, heating and cooling services, inspections, and ongoing maintenance to Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. Our heating and cooling specialists are expertly trained, and committed to solving all of your HVAC service needs. We’re there for you when you experience red flags like: uneven room temperatures, strange odors, or noisy units.


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Air Quality

Did You Know...

In North Carolina, indoor air quality is twice as polluted as outdoor air quality?

Homes are now built so tight that they don’t allow fresh air in. That means it is important that the air in your home is not contaminated.

Two media filters and one UV light is all that is needed to make a hospital room clean enough for surgery?

Our Killingsworth Environmental technicians have the tools and skills to make your home’s air quality so clean that it can pass the strict standards of surgeons.

Our HVAC Inspection Approach

Don’t wait until it is too late to properly maintain your HVAC system. See how we work.

Our heating and cooling specialists are experienced with all makes, models, and sizes. Whether you have a Trane, Lennox, Carrier, or any other name brand, you can rest assured that our technicians can handle the job. (AND, as an area exclusive dealer of the Coleman Echelon system, we can provide you with warranties that most other brands cannot.)

When a repair or installation isn’t needed, your Killingsworth specialist will be very honest and thorough with the approach. We are not “part replacers.” Sometimes all that is needed is a clean filter or knocking down some spider webs around the unit. Simple things can be the solution at times. We want to make sure that we recommend the correct HVAC repair strategy that will extend the lifetime of your system, and also keep your family safe from any health risks.

After a full HVAC inspection is done, the first question is what action is needed to get the heating and air conditioning system running efficiently again. The options are a simple: cleaning, repair, or installation. Killingsworth recommends our ongoing maintenance plan to prevent the need for more expensive repairs and installation.

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“We have had Jason with Killingsworth out twice this year…once for the air condition, once for the furnace. He was very professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Both times we had simple problems that he was able to fix easily. Really appreciated that he did not try to sell us on things we didn’t need.”

Kristin G.